Friday, January 13, 2012

Boys Rule Kit Club

I have always had a hard time finding paper for little boys.  Well, finally, someone has come to our rescue.  Laura Lee has founded the "Boys Rule Kit Club" and the kits are fabulous!!!!She has a real knack for putting together the right elements.  My first kit is on its way and I can hardly wait.  I have sooooo many pics of  Ezra and Jesus (haysus) to scrap.  These kits will be like manna from heaven for  I live in a very remote area and have to shop online , so , I really appreciate a GOOD KIT CLUB!!!!Thanks Laura........and I will add a link when I figure out how to do     I DID IT!!!!!.....There is a link on my sidebar to this fabulous kit club.....go and check it out!!!

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