Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mini Album Kits are a SUCCESS!!!!!

Hi ......I am soooo very excited. My 2 mini album kits are almost sold out.....I think I have one of the vintage heart kit left. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be making SCRAPBOOK KITS. I wanted to do it...but, with the economy and everything.....I was SCARED!!!!Didn't want to buy a bunch of supplies and then not be able to sell them.....SO....I started with some paper I had and pulled everything from my personal stash and ..VOILA...A kit was born. Then the AMAZING thing happened I had interest in MORE THAN THE ONE I MADE.....so I hurried and found more paper and created 3 more.....of those there is one left.

The next mini kit was with the G45 "Once Upon A SPringtime" that I think everyone loves. Again, pulling items from my personal stash and adding a few things from Michaels....it came together. The reaction again was phenominal and I am so flattered that you gals actually LIKE MY CREATIONS!!!!

So, now the question is, what to do next.....I am thinking "Le Romantique"??????I know a lot of gals already have this line.....but, it is the bling and embellishments that really make the kit......I also believe that it is all in the details...it saves you time and money running around trying to find all the little goodies that I incorporate into each mini. I also like to do a lot of personalizing of the items for you...so that it is a "one of a kind" mini album kit...creating exclusively for you.


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  2. hi sweetie its me li from the scrapbeach i rejoined. i just wanted to say your blog is lovely and i love your scrap kits and when i got a few more pennies i will buy from you again. x